Jakob Ström

Currently Jakob is working on his latest creation KRIG (WAR) a television series that takes the pulse on a divided country, where the integration has failed and generations of refugees has grown up in an alienated society. Last year over hundred boys where murdered in the suburbs to the major cities in Sweden, almost none of these killings have been solved. No one talks to the police and a parallel society has appeared where they have their own justice system, economy and even employment, mainly in the drug business. Two worlds collide in KRIG, and the outcome is something we haven’t seen before.


In the spring 2017 Jakob directed three episodes of the award winning television series Jordskott (season 2).

Jordskott II

Over the fall 2014 Jakob created and directed his first Television serie, TORPEDERNA for channel 4, Torpederna was a huge success both by the critics and the viewers (2 seasons so far).
In 2016 Torpederna won a Kristallen for best Humor television series.